Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Using Text Messages for Houses of Worship and Non-Profit & Fundraising

God is always with you, so is your cell phone…
Churches, synagogues, mosques, can all use the power SMS marketing for their activities. Every religion in the world teaches its adherents to build a strong and helpful community. Mobile Phone Marketing can be used to serve such a community very efficiently. Of course, the ‘marketing’ part will pertain to the religious teachings etc.

Daily Religious and Inspirational Quotes

Every practicing believer can use a daily dose of a religious message or inspirational quote related to the religion and about being a good human in general. An SMS marketing system can be put in place so that every member of a church (or any other place of worship) can get a reminder every day. The daily messages will help keep the spirit up for doing good and staying committed to the faith and worship place.

Information on Recent Sermons

Mobile phone marketing is an excellent way to follow up on a sermon or something important discussed in a religious congregation. The text messages can be used to keep the members of the house of worship connected to the thought and discussions going around the house. The SMS marketing will help them to get more information about the sermon, an excellent way of taking the religious discussion outside the church, synagogues etc.

Help Fellow Members

It’s all about community and helping others. SMS marketing can be used to keep all the members of the house of worship well knit. For example, if someone from the community is not feeling well, Mobile Phone Marketing can help notify all the other members. Once they get the message, they can offer the help that is required such as cooking meals for the ill members or running errands for them.

Stay Well Organized

Besides the various event-specific application of SMS marketing, a good mobile marketing company can help stay a house of worship well organized. Using Mobile Phone Marketing for building a robust communication link among the members, including the committee managing the house is one of the best ways of harnessing technology for a good purpose. E.g. A church can use SMS marketing to send updates regarding church meetings or schedule changes etc.
Fundraising through SMS Marketing – Ask for Money, not Precious Time

Reach Everyone

The American Red Cross raised more than $32 million through Mobile Phone Marketingfor the people affected by the Haiti earthquake. Fundraising through SMS marketing is a very efficient way of getting the money. A big reason for this is the ability of a mobile marketing company to reach the masses. Almost everyone has a cell phone and they have it on them most of the time. This is an excellent opportunity to simply ‘reach everyone’.

Make it Easy for Them

Another major reason for the success of SMS fundraising is that it’s convenient for the people donating their money. Whenever someone asks for help, the process involved to make the donation will have some affect on the donator’s decision. Mobile text message fund raising tools enables the donator to make a contribution extremely easily, hence raising more funds.

SMS Advertising; From Prospective Customer to Loyal Customer

The application of SMS Advertising is not just restricted to reaching out to a target market. Sure, smart mobile text marketing will have prospective customers come knocking on your front door. However, SMS Advertising also goes a long way in retaining the customers after attracting them.

Ideal for Small Businesses, Perfect for Large ones too!
Small businesses use mobile text marketing to stay in touch with their customers and clients. From informing the customers about their order details to wishing them a happy birthday, SMS Advertising is an incredible tool which breeds customer loyalty. Examples of smart use of SMS Advertising in customer services include:

• Marketing & advertising
• Notifying order details
• Reminding of service expiration
• Announcing of new product or service launch
• For matters related to payments
• Personal & Cultural Messages such as on birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year etc.

Your Customers’ Interaction determines their Reaction
How your customers interact will ultimately determine how they react. How well you make their experience of dealing with your company will affect their loyalty towards your company. A smart mobile marketing company can get you in the good graces of your customers by offering them a simple and efficient way of communicating with you through SMS advertising .

It’s easy for your Customers to switch loyalty, if you aren’t smart with your SMS Advertising
According to a survey, 3 out of 5 consumers said that they would switch their internet, cell phone service or cable company after just a couple of bad customer service experiences. This is a very great cause of concern for a service provider, or any business for that matter. Lack of efficient mobile text marketing to create a strong customer services can cost you customers and thousands of dollars. You need a smart mobile marketing company to retain all those customers you attracted and serve.

Cost-Effective Marketing
Of course, the cost effectiveness of SMS Advertising is a big PRO when used for creating a superior customer service. Outranking conventional and expensive means of communication such as telephone, mobile text marketing offers an incredibly efficient means of maintain customer service and building customer loyalty. This cost-effectiveness makes it easier for small businesses to offer excellent and intelligent customer services, boosting their customer loyalty.

Integrating Technology into SMS Advertising
Mobile text marketing has been around for quite some time now. Even after all the years, it is still a practical and widely used channel for inducing and enhancing customer loyalty. While SMS Advertising itself is pretty basic and not exactly a new technology, it can be used as the warhead on the missile of cutting edge technology like cell-phone based GPS, location based services, Google Maps etc. How great would it be to send an SMS to your customers who are driving by your company’s office, shop etc.?

SMS Advertising has been around for some time and is still going strong as it helps businesses connect with their consumers. Every business must be sure to take advantage of a smart mobile marketing company that can help them boost their customer service and customers loyalty.